- SARUNG AWLIYA – elsajida.com


  • Material: Soft Denim
  • Ironless, lightweight (not to thick material), opaque
  • The edge of the awning is sewn using double stitches method to ensure that it won’t stick on your forehead and easily shaped around your face. 
  • Easily to wear
  • Pleated is sewn perfectly on both sides (shoulder part)
  • The both sides can be adjusted. It depends on your comfort (advise to pin it with pins or brooches on the pleated part)
  • Wide enough to cover front and back (Solat Ready garment)
  • Perfectly cover your chin 
  • Nice sewn finishing
  • Comes with 2 sizes : L & XL
  • Front measurement (measure from the chin) - L: 24.5 inci, XL: 26.5 inci
  • Back measuremet (measure forn the head) - L: 34 inci, XL: 39 inci
  • Size from awning to chin : +- 11 inch

Additional note: The colours in the pictures may be slightly different based on lighting and individual screen resolution settings on each device.