- TUDUNG MEDINA – elsajida.com


  • Square hijab
  • Material : Italiano Chiffon Crepe
  • Breathable, lightweight, easy to shape and flowy material
  • The material is not hard like normal crepe 
  • Opacity: 4/5 (wearing inner is optional for light colors because the front and back part already perfectly wide enough to cover the neck area)
  • Sharp cutting on every edge 
  • Comes with scattered combination of rainbow diamonds accessories on the surface of the hijab
  • Minimalist and modesty concept that suitable for all ages
  • Comes with 5 bold and light colors for Muslimah
  • It comes with three sizes 
    BIDANG 50 50 inci x 50 inci
    BIDANG 60 57 inci x 57 inci